Routing with Tom O'Donnell

 Producing Joints with the Router

Some of the common woodworking joints can be produced with Safety when the router is used in the plunge mode with the aid of the template guides.  

Routing a mortice is very popular when the router is inserted in the router table, or with the aid of the side fence attachment.

Expensive jigs are also available for purchase.

Many enthusiasts have produced their own style of jig to produce the Mortice

Standard rebate joint can be completed in numerous ways from hand tools to saw bench or router table.

New technique is to make a simple jig and use the router in the plunge mode 

Inserting a 'Spline' or biscuit into the leg and rail will require two different processes of construction 

Sliding dovetail.

Two processes are required to complete the joint.

1. Routing the Female cut and 2 producing the male section of the joint.

Two separate processes of construction 

As an alternative to the joints above the Tenon can be produced on the mitre. 

Producing the mitres for each corner can be produced with a variety of tools such as the Mitre saw, drop say or cut with a Tenon saw in a mitre box. Each process has its own degree of safety and accuracy.

With the aid of Jigs and templates they can be constructed with greater safety awareness with the router in the pluge mode. 

The sliding dovetail will  make it easier for assemble without the aid of clamps

Stopped Housing Joint;

Popular joint used when constructing small cabinets where shelves are added.

With a change of cutter from the straight cutter to a dovetail cutter will add greater strength to the construction

The making of a simple jig (in your own workshop) will produce the various housing joints with ease

 Inserting a slot on the end of a rail that has been produced at 45 degrees. Suitable for small box construction to add strength to the joint 

Producing the 300mm square frame with mitred corners can be achieved with the mitre saw, or drop saw, or maybe with the simple jig construction on the table saw.

Have you given any consideration to routing the joints? 


The above joint was used to insert the arm rest into the back legs of the dining room chairs without the need for any screws or nails. 

Soon to be released is a 'Super Jig' capable of producing 14 different Joints

Feb 2011 

News flash.

The Super Jig is now available

Feb 2012

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