Routing with Tom O'Donnell

Sample of a set of template guides that are available to fit most routers 

Not all guides will fit all routers.

Router manufacturers have devised their own method of attaching the guides to their particular brand of router.

Template guides are manufactured in a variety of diameters, and materials. Some are supplied in a box set. Note: (Box sets do not usually contain the larger guides) Some are screwed in position others are fixed with a bayonet type fitting

 Not all manufacturers produce the same number of Guides.

Each router manufacturer made the decision as to what guide they supplied; examples were 16mm (Makita) 18mm (Hitachi) and 17mm (Elu) 18mm (Bosch)  Others may not supply a Guide at all.

The three guides I have been using on a regular basis are the 16mm 30mm and 40mm and I suppose this is a reasonable selection to commence with.





  Template Guides (Guide Bushes)

We have witnessed how the guides are used when routing dovetails, producing a Mortice, and in the construction of a number of trenching exercises. They have also been illustrated when working with templates to reproduce an article which would be slightly larger than the template  'Male template'. Very little information has been published on how the guides are used with 'Female Templates'

It is simply a matter of understanding how to calculate the ‘Off-set’ and produce the various templates that have to be constructed.

Template Guide SurveyFrom a number of recent independent surveys conducted, the smaller guides 16.-17.-18mm, are used most frequently. The larger guides are seldom used.

E.g. [40mm (1-37/64”) Template Guide:]

With this introduction I hope to encourage greater use of the guides of all sizes and  introduce router users to a greater range of cutters that can be used.

Four good reasons for the purchase of the 40mm Guide:

Most cutters are visible to the operator during the process.

There is a greater selection of cutters that can be used therefore increasing the variety of projects that can be completed.

The 'swarf' will clear more readily. There is less danger of the cutter overheating.

The chuck from most routers will penetrate through the guide to give the extra plunge depth required when using small 1/4" cutters.

The cutter can also be inserted into the chuck with safety, without the need to 'Crimp' that extra bit to achieve the desired depth of cut. There are a number of projects that can be completed with greater safety if the template guide is used with the router in the ‘Plunge’ mode.







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