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Introducing New Router Cutters

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 Box of Cutters.

Purchasing a small box of cutters (Starter Kit) usually contains 3-4 straight cutters, core box cutter, ‘V’ cutter, trimming cutter, dovetail cutter, and a small variety of edge profile cutters with bearings such as 45º Chamfer, Roman Ogee, Rounding over, Cove cutter, and rebating cutter. They are just what they say they are a ‘Starter Kit” and they will get you started.

The cutters inserted in the ‘Starter Kits’ are considered the most commonly used cutters. Be prepared to invest in the better quality cutters that are available, as the cheaper range of cutters will not last for ever.


With a greater choice of cutters a greater variety of projects can be constructed

 New Router Cutters selected from the Carb-I-Tool collection.

Catalogues of cutters are available from a number of sources. Selecting a suitable cutter for a specific job can be made easier if details of the cutter sizes are shown clearly with drawings and dimensions. E.g. ‘Carb-I-Tool’ catalogue give clear diagrams and dimensions, making it simple to construct jigs. (Even before you purchase a cutter you can prepare your jigs from the details published in the brochure).

 Care should be taken with your cutters to ensure they are stored properly, store in a solid box with indvidual slots for each cutter to ensure that they do not come in contact with each other and cause chipping to the edges.


 The selection of the above cutters can be used with the router in the router table, but projects may be restricted to straight edges, unless a template guide is used. Using the router in the plunge mode with the aid of the template guides the curved edges can be created with greater safety awareness.

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