Routing with Tom O'Donnell

 Getting More from My Router

My experience in the development of the use of the template guides with the router will bring greater satisfaction to those who wish to learn new routing techniques

One of the accessories supplied with the router at the time of purchase was the Template Guide (Guide Bush). This guide may have been placed in a corner and never really been investigated to consider it’s potential.The main focus of producing this site is to make router users aware of the template guide’s versatility.

My interest in working with wood spans a period of more than sixty years; as a journeyman completing a trade in Carpentry and Joinery, to teaching in High Schools over a period of thirty years, finally establishing a Cabinet making business for fifteen years before retiring. Like most woodworkers in that time I was elated with the introduction of the router, and I suppose like most ‘Woodworkers’ in that period, the router was inserted under the bench to form a Router Table, unless we were producing dovetails, which required the router to be use in the ‘Hand Held’ position. It was whilst working in my cabinet making business that I developed the skill of

‘How to Get More from my Router’.

For years I have been seen at a number of State wood shows throughout Australia demonstrating the versatility of the router. I have also been engaged to conduct seminars and provide  Professional Development to woodwork professionals and teachers.

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Tom O'Donnell

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Western Australia

Since retiring from my cabinet making business I have continued to take an interest working with wood in my back yard workshop. With the aid of template guides it was possible to  produce the dining room chairs presented above. Many Jigs and templates were required to complete the various processes with a hand held router.

Details of the New Routing Techniques are available on CD-ROM 2 and CD-ROM 3.  Photographs and detailed drawings are available for downloading and establishing your own Book material introducing a great number of projects.

Interested send email for information

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